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Summer 22 Project

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The James Cates Scholars Summer Institute 2022

What We Hope to Do with the James Cates Scholars this Summer:                                                                                                                               Our focus this summer is housing. This intergenerational exploration will focus on land acquisition in Chapel Hill and land loss. We hope to offer new insight into affordable housing by speaking with long term Chapel Hill residents to further understand the history of housing in our community. Additionally, we plan to share our findings with EmPOWERment Affordable Housing  to assist them with their  mission “to empower individuals and communities” with housing education. 

Our program will run M-F from 9:00 - 1:00 from June 27th until July 15th

We are Learning

We are learning from experts in the field about Documenting, archiving, photo journalism, writing, and producing historical narrative and the Critical Oral History Process. 

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We are Partnering

We are working with local organizations such as Bikeworks and the Rogers Road RENA Center to learn more about our community and environment. 

We are Listening

In addition to our oral history sessions on James Cates, led by community scholars, we are hosting listening sessions  from experts in the field of documentary and archiving. 

We are Producing

  • A community history archive will be made available online as well as  in print at accessible community locations, such as Chapel Hill Public Library (CHPL) and local community centers serving historically Black neighborhoods to address the digital divide and accessibility to community archives. 

  • We seek to develop A self-directed tour of relevant historic Black neighborhoods in Chapel Hill 

  • An offering of episodes of Re/Collecting Chapel Hill local history podcast in collaboration with CHPL

  • A mini-documentary using the voices of  project narrators, archival audio, and historic photographs.

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