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Help Bridge the Gap

Please send your Tax-deductible contribution to:


Bridging the Gap with DMH

PO Box 71323

Durham, NC 27722

The community holds memory, but not always the resources to tell its own stories. Chapel Hill-Carrboro Schools have the second-largest achievement gap in the nation, and Orange County has North Carolina's greatest wealth gap. We recognize the informational wealth that our community has, and the historic imbalance in resources to tell these stories. We are  proud of the independent work that we are doing and of the impact that we have made on our town. Currently, there is a waiting list for the James Cates Scholars program. Each scholar participates at a cost of $1,000 to our program. We need equipment and  technology to support our work.  Your contribution will help us to support, empower, and make high quality education for the underserved children in our community a reality. We appreciate each and every gift that we receive and thank you for your partnership to make it happen.

Thank You to our Partners and Sponsors:

The Chapel Hill Public Library

St. Thomas More Church Chapel Hill, NC

The Alcott Family

The Chapman Family

The Conway Family

The Fox Family Foundation

The Jakub Family

The Lyons Family


Growing Together.

James Cates Scholars partner with E3 STEAM Camp at Hargraves Community Center November 2022

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